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  1. Day 2 at InVest West kicked off with Mimi Chan discussing her new gifting platform - Littlefund. Mimi who is currently heavily pregnant founded Littlefund in 2018. The platform provides a new way of saving for millennials, which is designed to help them save for their children, the so called Generation Alpha and their future. Littlefund is a platform which allows family (via the family account) and friends (via the gifter account) to start saving for multiple goals in their GenA childrens' future. Mimi had the concept for Littlefund after having her first child and being racke
  2. Positioned as the elephant in the room at Invest West, Ric Edelman (Edelman Financial Services) and John Bunch (Financial Engines) discussing how they have joined forces to build the USA’s largest RIA advice service. Self-proclaimed as the first of the robo solutions in the market, the proposition was built to help shift workplace 401K pensions from DB to DC plans and to help with fund selection and rebalancing. 330 registered financial advisers are currently serving more than 10million clients with an impressive 36 billion held in assets. With some advisers servin
  3. Day one at InVest West, Bradley Leimer the Co-Founder of Unconventional Ventures talks to MoneyLion founder Dee Choubey. Founded in 2013 MoneyLion is a financial services app designed to help consumers better manage their money. Their objective is to better understand personal finance using advanced technology in order to help cater to the 90 million Americans who struggle with their finances. Dee Choubey, CEO describes themselves as a one-stop shop for financial needs. To date, they have on-boarded 3.5 million clients, which they’d like to grow to 50 million in the coming years, a