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Kerry Nicolaides



Honest. Constructive. Objective. No Bull.

vuvuzela (100px).pngNever has a term rung so true.  
Many loud, rambunctious and confident announcements have been made in the press and via social media the past six months about the launch of innovative, industry changing, kitchen sink inclusive, WealthTech propositions.

In the hope that a new proposition will be well received and communicated to our audience, we are approached by these organisations, with much gusto, and told of the wonders of their tools.


That’s not how we roll.


When it comes time to lift the actual bonnet and start our review, the process is promptly placed ‘on hold until further notice’.


Is there nothing to show for all the chatter?


A particular favorite of mine, are the three savings or budgeting applications that I downloaded onto my mobile last year which claim to automatically assist you find various savings.

Still pending!

Large traditional institutions have called in with incredible enthusiasm, announcing the imminent launch of their very own robo adviser. When it comes down to the details, suddenly everything goes dark. 


Readers with roots in Africa, will relate when I liken these propositions to the feathered phenomenon, the Hadeda bird (Football fans may identify more closely with the flying vuvuzela!)

 "haa-haa-haa-de-dah"   hadeda.jpg

'Marketed but not yet launched’ is the official standpoint.

‘Jumping the gun’ or ‘all talk and little action’ may be a couple of ways to explain it, but my gut tells me that neither of these is typically true.


Understandably, it’s important to create interest, establish positioning, grow your beta community, engage the industry and entice investors.

Equally, we are talking about a regulated environment here, so crucially you would have to get your compliance on point.


I wonder however, whether this premature marketing launch instead harms a proposition’s first impression and opportunity to capture their target audience.

From my perspective, I can't help but feel disappointed and slightly skeptical. 

Importantly, I'm not talking about the odd hadeda here and there! I'm talking about a full on flock of these big flappers.


Vaporware assumes that the organisations making these announcements have no intention of actually releasing the tech / functionality any time soon.

Again, my gut tells me that this is not the intention, but rather a cautionary trend within the UK industry.


We simply seek perfection before taking that first step.


Please, don’t miss the boat!

Waiting for the perfect product could take months or even years. Each month that goes by, another few propositions are launched, taking a chunk out of your target audience.

Get the fundamentals right first. Absolutely. But then go for it!


Introducing new and improved functionality as and when you have it has many advantages:

·      An agile development process can be exciting for users.

·      It shows them you are continuously adapting and evolving.

·      You can change your priorities according to demand and not a deadline.

·      It will force you to innovate from within more regularly.


Be honest with your audience. Tell them what is coming. Tell them how you are building things to benefit them. Ask them for help and then tell them you listened. Reward them for their loyalty.


People like honesty. Approach your users with your cards on the table. You will be giving them a reason to stay.


That better day may never come.

Your competitors are already leaving the harbor.

Stand up. Be present. Be brave. Own it.


Launching a half-baked proposition today without all of the ‘bells and whistles’, may put you in a better position than if you waited for that perfect bake.



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