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Kerry Nicolaides



Honest. Constructive. Objective. No Bull.

"I've got this" - my final thought before I walked out my front door and faced the day we launched http://www.digitalwealthinsights.com/

At F&TRC usually they come to us. They pay us. They ask us to help them 'fix it', 'build it' or 'measure it'. 

Not this time!

With our new service we went to them. We told them. We are going to 'review it', 'compare it' and 'rate it'!

I must give credit where it is due. 90% of organisations opened their doors and welcomed us in.

They were proud of what they had created.

Analysing a single proposition from the ground up, including the size of their underwear, teaches you a hell of a lot about it.

Analysing multiple propositions, teaches you about the industry.  It identifies trends, and offers up valuable perspectives from numerous angles.

Yes, it's our intention to share these with you!

The brief for Digital Wealth Insights is to be thorough.

The objective is to provide unbiased, constructive and honest analysis of each proposition we select.

Above all else, it had to be accurate! 

Each review was sent back to it's 'owner' to welcome challenges, debate reasoning, and check against accuracy.

Many an hour I sat with bated breath waiting for the phone to ring, or my inbox to beep with messages from irate founders, cheesed off developers, and maniacal MDs.

If you want to run with the 'Big Dogs' you've got to learn to take a pee in the long grass! Right?


'Difficult' conversations are now par for the course, a daily hazard of my day to day job.

Or so I thought.

Instead what I found was intelligent debate, gratitude for the transparency, and acceptance of our measures.

It is safe to say that there is no ‘one size fits all in FinTech!’

I’ve met with;

  • Individual entrepreneurs who have put their heart, soul and life savings into their passion to help other people. 
  • Industry giants with years at the helm looking to modernise their offerings.
  • Groups of friends / colleagues who have pooled their crazy high IQ’s and mind boggling skill sets, into providing a service for the ‘people’
  • Technology gurus who have been building bridges and plugging holes all over the industry. So much so, that they now have a full suite of functionality to offer their own standalone product. 

As an analyst of UK WealthTech propositions, I’ve picked up a few overarching pearls of wisdom these past few months: 

  • Showing excellence doesn't necessarily mean having all the bells and whistles. It's also an attitude, a drive, and a commitment to achieving something that actually makes a difference. 
  • Most WealthTech players are heading in the same direction. If you want to stand out from the crowd, think of delivering the ordinary in an extraordinary way. 
  • Options, always give the end user options. We are not all cut from the same cloth.
  • Customisation is a USP. The ability and depth of customisation is crucial for customer longevity.
  • Simple, keep it simple. (Do offer the complicated option, but keep it simple first).
  • Education breeds security. Security breeds contentment. Contentment breeds longevity. Longevity breeds a well-funded bottom line. It all starts with education! 
  • The foundations are well and truly down! Where is the innovation? 
  • Don't get comfortable. I get it. You want to make sure you perfect your current proposition. But don't lose sight, keep up, innovate from within. (Before someone innovates for you)
  • The opportunity is there. It's everywhere. 

Digital Wealth Insights was launched with an initial set of 20 propositions:

case studies.png

Each week we will be adding more proposition reviews to the service.

The next week we plan to look at Abaka and Intelliflo’s automated advice process.

As more trends, facts and figures emerge we intend to share these with you through our various ‘Digital Wealth Insights’ social media accounts.

To see a summary of our analysis identifying the areas of strengths and where we believe there is scope for improvement visit http://www.digitalwealthinsights.com/  (This does require you to register to the service to gain access to our free summary of each proposition). 

Further detailed analysis of the various propositions can also be accessed via this link. However, please note there is a subscription fee for the additional level of information.



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