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Honest. Constructive. Objective. No Bull

There is an irony about the company I am working for. FinTech is this bright and shiny word that everyone has been focusing on for the past couple of years, yet it has been the stuff that our bread and butter has been made of for the past 21 years.

Finance & Technology Research Centre (F&TRC)’, was founded in 1995 and has been analysing the relationship between financial services and technology ever since.

Yes, FinTech is an actual THING (a global phenomenon) and not just an abbreviation for the name of my employer.

the Founder of F&TRC, Ian McKenna, is one of the UK's loudest, influential and highly revered FinTech commentators.

Ian has given me the green light to come out from under my keyboard and provide you with my personal anecdotes on ‘My week in WealthTech’.

(No our company is not changing it’s name to ‘Wealth & Technology Research Centre').

The team at F&TRC are currently launching www.digitalwealthinsights.com.  Apart from doing what it says on the tin, we aim to provide our audience with objective comparisons of automated financial service solutions in the UK and globally, alongside our informed analysis. We also comment on industry trends, lessons learnt and highlight any leading edge functionality we deem a cut above the rest.

I aim to share with you some behind the scenes informal insights into our analysis. I’ll include some insider tidbits, in-house views and anything exciting that I think might float the FinTech boat.  

Interesting (always)

Edited (sometimes)

Honest (crucially)

See www.digitalwealthinsights.com/blogs to follow our official insight and formal analysis of automated financial services in the UK.

Entries in this blog

How artificial intelligence is changing WealthTech and who is delivering it

Honest. Constructive. Objective. No Bull. We all have a comfort zone at work. Topics which we could talk about until the cows come home. WealthTech propositions are my bread and butter, they sit very comfortably in my ‘safe place’. A number of new tools, ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘machine learning’, and ‘deep learning’, have rapidly crept into the WealthTech space.  These self-teaching systems are busy revolutionising many industries. WealthTech is no exception. You nee

Kerry Nicolaides

Kerry Nicolaides

FinTech vaporware! A dish I'm about to serve cold.

Honest. Constructive. Objective. No Bull. Never has a term rung so true.     Many loud, rambunctious and confident announcements have been made in the press and via social media the past six months about the launch of innovative, industry changing, kitchen sink inclusive, WealthTech propositions. In the hope that a new proposition will be well received and communicated to our audience, we are approached by these organisations, with much gusto, and told of the wonders of their to

Kerry Nicolaides

Kerry Nicolaides

A baptism of fire - Digital Wealth Insights launches.

Honest. Constructive. Objective. No Bull. "I've got this" - my final thought before I walked out my front door and faced the day we launched http://www.digitalwealthinsights.com/ At F&TRC usually they come to us. They pay us. They ask us to help them 'fix it', 'build it' or 'measure it'.  Not this time! With our new service we went to them. We told them. We are going to 'review it', 'compare it' and 'rate it'! I must give credit where it is due. 90% of organisation

Kerry Nicolaides

Kerry Nicolaides

The highs and lows of PFM'ing

Honest. Constructive. Objective. No Bull.   It was time!   To take on the PFM’s (Personal Financial Managers)   Personally, I've been most excited to get stuck into analysing these as they are best placed in helping me manage my family’s ‘financial baggage’. (By baggage I’m really referring to the husband’s constant care and attention for his bicycle)   Wikipedia defines Personal Financial Management as:   “Software that helps users manag

Kerry Nicolaides

Kerry Nicolaides

Wealthify, Moneybox and cheeky little chatbots

Honest. Constructive. Objective. No Bull   Nothing quite wakes you up like the dark mirrored recesses of Soho's Groucho club (inclusive of lewd phallic images on the walls) first thing on a Monday morning. Although Shawn Brayman (President & CEO of globalcash flow planning software supplier PlanPlus and the new miPlan+ robo advice engine) came close with his opening statements during the Algos4Robos seminar hosted by Finametrica.   "A new Robo-advisor is launched every th

Kerry Nicolaides

Kerry Nicolaides

Floating the FinTech boat

Honest. Constructive. Objective. No Bull Born in the early 1980s, I’ve been comfortably sitting on the fence between Gen X and Gen Me (Millennial), falling whichever way I need, depending on whom I’m speaking to. I’m having to learn to speak to people of all ages, less or more (or much more) intelligent than myself and with differing levels of corporate experience. This week has taught me a lot about the ‘true millennial’.          Fast thinking and fast to commit. They li

Kerry Nicolaides

Kerry Nicolaides